Sojourney – Watercolour stories

What is a watercolour?

Some lines, some colours on paper?


But the paper, the colour, the brush – each has a story.

The artist, the subject, the moment in time.
Each bring a small part to a slice of history.
Perhaps this slice is just a backwater to the grand flow of events in the world.
But it is a story none-the-less.

And here are some of my watercolour stories:

Light is Sweet

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Anariel #3

This is the latest in the series from Anariels forest stock. you can see the stock here This is watercolour on [...]


Here is the painting I started last night: This is watercolour on 200gm Amedeo paper (A3) here is how it looked [...]

Overnight at ‘Beddies’

We have just returned from a night-over in 'Beddies'.  Thats what the surfers call it "hey man I was in Beddies [...]


This watercolour was posted in April 2009.  Although I was not yet painting a watercolour a day I used to take [...]

River transport

I am busy doing a second painting of the Mvuu Bus watercolour.  I started last night, with a line drawing and [...]

Mvuu bus

Most of the workers at Mvuu camp live at home upstream from the camp and they get a ride by boat [...]

Mvuu Camp

This morning I sat and did this painting just outside the camp at Mvuu.  (Mvuu is the Chichewa word for a [...]

Lake Malawi

In 2009 my consulting business took me to Lilongwe, Malawi to work with a team up there.  The two-week intervention went [...]

animus et anima

Animus et Anima was the name of my first ever watercolour exhibition. In September 1998 I trekked up to Namibia [...]

Ethan’s Ollie

In 2009 we went to visit Nona at the Italian Club in Cape Town.  Ethan was very focussed on perfecting [...]

Figures on a landscape

Here is a watercolour I posted in 2008.  This near the boardwalk to The Pipe. I have been reading Charles Reid [...]


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