My Statement

I seek to reflect our yearning to return to the garden by painting what I see:

  • each crag, each tree each boulder – shaped through time
  • each creature, each person – created unique

I want to honour the detail in watercolour

I want to show something beautiful – perhaps something important

maybe even the hand of God Creator of heaven and earth

I prefer the vibrant, fresh immediacy of painting from life or on site

Stephen J. Quirke
Stephen J. QuirkeWatercolor Painter

My Quest

Life is an adventure.
Richness in living
is reserved
for those who set aside
the ephemeral comfort of the safe approach
to embrace the drama of a life lived at risk.

This is illustrated in watercolour.
Where fussy carefulness creates ‘ho hum’
Wild washes in bold colour have every chance of failure.
Every now and then produce remarkable work.

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