Artist Statement – SJQ Watercolour

God first met with his people in a garden.  And we still yearn for the beauty of nature.  My intention in watercolour is to see and paint some of this beauty.  And I want to be faithful to what is there.  Each person, each animal, each plant has a unique character.  Every boulder on the beach is unique, shaped, maybe over thousands of years.  I want to honour this detail.

When a watercolour is complete, if I have done my work and allowed the watercolour to do what it does, maybe, just maybe it will point to the hand of the Creator.

I like to paint on site.  I far prefer seeing the scene first-hand, to see the detail and record it in pencil and watercolour.  The work I create out there, even the first paintings I did long ago, are vibrant and fresh.  However, much of my work is still currently done in the studio.

I balance my watercolour world with coaching teams and individuals to set and execute strategy.  Well… “balance” may be an overstatement.  Though I suppose there is a certain balance to a candle burning at both ends.

Life really is an adventure. And the richness of living is reserved for those who set aside the ephemeral comfort of the safe approach to embrace the drama of a life lived at risk. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the world of watercolour where bold colours and wild washes have every chance of failure but every now and then produce remarkable work. This is my quest.

I love painting on site and from life. And I love splashing watecolor washes down, allowing the water and the colour to produce their own magic.

And I mean “love”.

After so many years of colouring within the lines I want my portraits, figures and landscapes, to show this complete and utter lack of fussy carefulness.

Stephen J. Quirke
Stephen J. QuirkeWatercolor Painter

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