My watercolour is created in three different approaches.  I carry a sketchbook wherever I go and when I can I paint sketches of people, places and ‘things’.   I also take on at least one portfolio at a time to create larger format watercolours in my studio, based on photos and sketches.  And then I create large scale watercolours, my Premier work.  I work on 300gm Arches which I  cut off from 1.1m rolls and stretch.

Here I present Premier, Portfolio and Sketchbook work for sale either as originals of limited edition high resolution prints.

Premier Work

Large scale watercolours are completed on 300gm Arches Hot or Cold pressed, cut off and pressed from a roll 1100mm wide.  Watercolour washes are applied with a big, fat Raphaël Petit Gris squirrel hair mop and a 1″ sable flat brush.

Portfolio Work – shown as post cards

Portfolio projects cover a particular topic.  Some of the watercolours are created from life.  Lately the portfolio work has been completed in the studio, usually on 610 x 460mm Arches Hot or Cold Pressed sheets.

Portfolios (as post cards)

Individual portfolio topics, often completed in a particular calendar year.  The 2023 project was all about False Bay.  The 2024 projects are looking interesting but still being finalised.

Sketchbook (as post cards)

Work produced in the field or the studio, usually at a smaller scale, usually at a blissfully leisurely pace but now and again with timing down to minutes to spare.  Each watercolour representing a small adventure.

There are some favourite places like The Pipe, Helderberg Peak and Ladybrand Road (S708).  I also present work from a six year project of painting one watercolour a day.

Sketchbook Print Packs

So many of the sketchbook paintings are smaller and lend themselves to “wall hangings” – framing well and grouping the prints on your wall.