The gallery

Here are the paintings for sale in my gallery.

watercolour of rocks in a river

Norman’s Rapid – Radloff Park

The stump washed out in the flooding the year after the watercolour was completed

The Series

Here are the series I have created

Lourens River

The Lourens River emerges in a spring in the Hottentots Holland Mountains. It flows through nature reserves, farms and parks. This sparkling, murmuring gift to our basin carries a message of life through two towns then meanders over the beach into False Bay. This sparkling, murmuring thread carries a message of life all the way through two towns in our basin.

False Bay

Our bay is beautiful shelter from the extremes of the Western seaboard.  The water is warmer, the waves are moderated and the surrounding countryside is still largely unspoiled.  Here are the paintings I have done around the bay.

Watercolour of the ocean

Mossel Bay – Rocky Point

Sitting under a sheltering rock on a rainy day

Adventures “out there”

I like the immediacy and risk of working in the field.  Working fast, focusing on the changing light and tuning out all but the subject means seeing a scene in a whole new way.   In this gallery I show some of the work coming from these adventures out of the studio.

Categories and Tags

If you would like to see an archive of all the work I have posted online this view will show you the work listed by general categories and by particular tags.  This view will include some of watercolours not being shown in the above galleries.
Warning:  This view is for the SJQ Watercolour enthusiast only.

watercolour of a woman

Tribal Belly Dancer

watercolour painting of a river

Lourens River in Vergelegen Estate

There is a pool and a rapid just below the River Cafe

watercolour of apple harvest

Apple Harvest

The hard, hard work carried out to harvest apples without damaging the fruit