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Stephen Quirke


Categories: Light is Sweet


Stephen Quirke


It is March and in this edition of Light is Sweet I cover:

  • The start of Watercolour Project 2023.
  • A short comment on watercolour classes.
  • A revitalised posting from the past in which I have added some remastered images from my first ever exhibition.

Therefore pause…
Sit back.
Close your eyes and take a deep, breath.


Open the mail.

The 2023 Watercolour Project

Well, this month I started on my watercolour project for this year.

I started by finishing a watercolour from Boulders Beach which I had started a while back.

watercolour of a beach

Figures on a Beach at Boulders Beach

Watercolour on 300gm Arches Cold Pressed - about 1000 x 1000mm

Boulders Beach continues to inspire my watercolour so I have set up a Boulders Beach posting on my blog which I intend to continue to update.   After finishing the watercolour above I created another watercolour from the same vantage point but looking towards Fishhoek.   This is also in that posting, as well as a quick sketch of the aliens who have taken over the beach there.

Watercolour Classes

The class at Helderberg Fineart Studios is continuing.   It is great to watch people working on watercolour skills.  It is such a fulfilling medium.  And watercolour, like other art forms, responds so well to practice.   I know Midjourney and GPT are already doing better than human in design and language but they will not take away the satisfaction of sitting on a rocky shore to observe and complete a watercolour.  Except perhaps in some horrific, Black Mirror type dystopian world.

Watercolour is such a simple medium.  Anyone can get some materials and set up at a table.  In less than an hour, you can produce a watercolour that someone will treasure.  Something like what Gandalf said about the hobbits in the movie.    The class have been working on flat-washes, mixing colours and composition.

Last weekend I also completed a Saturday watercolour workshop for Merissa at Kunshuis.  This was as energetic as expected.

“Light is Sweet” is the official newsletter of SJQ Watercolour.

Please drop me a comment on my blog posting to give some feedback.   And share this post with whoever you think may be interested in the topics I have covered.

Revitalising Memories

Last week I came across some of the photos I took of the work I presented in the first exhibition I ever held of my work.  I have to admit I did not take very good photos.  Our house was flooded in 2013 when Lourens River burst its banks.  Boxes of photos and negatives were among the gear that was ruined.  Therefore I am not sure if I even have the negatives anymore.

Here are two of the watercolours I was able to redeem by using Gimp.

You can read the story and see the other watercolours on my blog by pressing the button below:


      1. Carolyn 2023-03-29 at 8:20 pm - Reply

        Fantastic Stephen! Life is sweet indeed!

        • Stephen Quirke 2023-03-29 at 9:26 pm - Reply

          Hi Carolyn
          It is great to see you here
          Thanks for dropping me a note
          La Dolce Vita – is probably not the right quote here

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