watercolour journey

my watercolour journey is a quest to reflect our yearning to return to the garden – each crag – each tree – each boulder shaped through time
each creature, each person created unique – I want to honour detail
I want to show something beautiful – perhaps something important – maybe even the hand of God

Noordhoek Corner

Noordhoek is a popular surf spot for the surfers in Southern Peninsula. It is also a popular hangout for Great Whites - and it is a great place to paint watercolours.

Triggerfish Brewery #1

Triggerfish Brewery at Paardevlei makes excellent craft beer and are a destination for good food and local music.  The Brewery is [...]

Anariel #3

This is the latest in the series from Anariels forest stock. you can see the stock here This is watercolour on [...]


Here is the painting I started last night: This is watercolour on 200gm Amedeo paper (A3) here is how it looked [...]

Overnight at ‘Beddies’

We have just returned from a night-over in 'Beddies'.  Thats what the surfers call it "hey man I was in Beddies [...]

Figures on a landscape

Here is a watercolour I posted in 2008.  This near the boardwalk to The Pipe. I have been reading Charles Reid [...]

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