watercolour journey

my watercolour journey is a quest to reflect our yearning to return to the garden – each crag – each tree – each boulder shaped through time
each creature, each person created unique – I want to honour detail
I want to show something beautiful – perhaps something important – maybe even the hand of God

Tools and Technology

Tools are beautiful. Something about design for function makes the result attractive. And rendering designed materials in watercolour can create [...]

Helderberg Reserve

We have a mountain in the middle of our town. And long ago, some far thinking people decided to reserve some [...]

Route 44 Market

Audacia Farm is a great venue for Route 44 Market.    People would come from all over Cape Town for food, [...]

Helderberg Reserve

Helderberg mountain is our iconic peak looking over Somerset West, the basin and the farms along the Route 44


Tshwane is the new name for Pretoria

Camping Tech

Anything designed for effective functioning has a special kind of beauty. And this is no better illustrated in the technology we carry on our backs when we hike and camp.

Ladybrand Road

There is a long gentle uphill road from the border post at Maseru to the main road in to Bloemfontein. People usually bustle their way on. But there is this tantalising turn-off to the right a couple of kms from the border, onto a dirt road.

Cats and Dogs

"Dogs look up to you and cats look down on you. But pigs! Pigs look you straight in the eye." - Winston Churchill

Sketching People

There is something compelling about the immediacy of painting people in a public, uncontracted setting.

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