Having seen my work here, you may wish to see more of my watercolours.  Perhaps you may choose to purchase an original watercolour or print.  If would like to talk about the work, please contact me. If you send me a note on this page I will respond online.

I have a large stock of watercolours. Most of this work is scanned and catalogued. I once tried to show it all on my website but the effect was to overwhelm visitors. Therefore I took the work down.

We can set up a time to talk on a voice or video channel.  As we talk I can show you a selection of the work.  If you want to make a purchase we can agree an order and a method of payment. This has worked well with customers in the past. Of course, if you are passing through Somerset West you can visit me at my home gallery to review the work.

I also encourage you to sign up for “Light is Sweet”.   Once a month I send out a note about what has come off my board.  I get a 40% opening rate and people often tell me how much they enjoy the read.  Well… it is not much reading, sometimes I tell a story, but it is a view of beautiful art.  That’s it.  Oh and sometimes my friend Mike records a guitar piece I put on to play while you view the work.  “Light is Sweet”.

You can send me an email on Stephen@SJQWatercolour.com or you can use the form below.

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