Watercolour of Helderberg

My work begins in small adventures from which I create watercolours for discerning collectors.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot replicate what I see when I sit and paint in the field. Trees take decades to unfurl beautiful curves and cool dappled shade. The smooth gravity of rocks takes centuries of rolling in floods and violent storms. Each creature is unique. Each person fearfully knit together and showing the outcome of a lifetime.

But when I honour what I see – when I respect the water and the colours – when I allow the sheet to support the work – then the sublime unfolds. The work presents itself independent yet congruent with my intent.

Watercolour is an evocative medium. There is a narrow path between tight, overcontrol and a loose mess. A love for the medium, appreciation for the subject and hard work puts us on this narrow path. Viewing my work may feel reiterative. It is. I paint my favourite views in different seasons in the year and in my heart. With each beginning I tell myself “This time I will get it right”. I add the work to my portfolio, and, as the years roll by each subject tells its own story. Late in this process I have learnt to treasure each contribution.

watercolour of a river

Therefore this is not a place for bargains. I sell prints to present the series. I reserve the originals in each series. There are stories yet to unfold and somehow the gaps feel like pages torn form the book. Ja silly hey! But there it is. This is after all an “About Me” page. Nê!

On the other hand I do commissions and larger studio pieces for which are very much up for ‘distribution’ to the four winds.

When I sit in at my board I seek to respect those who create the colours, the paper and those remarkable brushes. I seek to honour our Creator by capturing the detail in his work. I seek to add something to the vast hall of watercolour fame. Perhaps one day I will get there. But for me, each day is about the joy of the work.

This About page is a very short description of what my watercolour is all about.  I develop a richer picture of my intentions, products and outcomes in my monthly newsletter “Light is Sweet”.  If you would like to follow my progress as well appreciate some of my previous work you may wish to sign up for this newsletter below.

watercolour of Spitskoppe

My watercolour journey began around a table in Swakopmund, Namibia. I sat with the other students copying photos of desert scenes, listening to “Autumn Leaves” and enjoying the smell from the brewery over the road. I remember mixing colours in my dinner plate and creating that first swatch on the sheet of Arches taped to my bread-board. This was powerful magic.

Later I exchanged the ochre, sienna and umber of the Namib for the vast range of greens of The Fairest Cape. While I pursued a corporate and later a consulting career I painted in watercolour in all the free time I could carve out.

Then in mid-2020, everything stopped. I stopped. My consulting work with teams depends so much on being face to face. I decided I did not want to do this online. I asked God to be with me, I contracted with my wife and focussed my attention on SJQWatercolour.com. And here we are with a body of work, a plan and a long list of things to be done.

I am married to Aura and live with her in Somerset West. My three children working in their chosen fields.

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