Categories: Kogel Bay, seascape


Stephen Quirke


Kogel Bay is one of False Bays not so best kept secrets.

I have been going to Kogel Bay from the time Aura and I settled here in The Basin.  This is the place where I first decided to take my kit and sit in the place and paint.  Although I was not happy with my first attempts, I still have them and they bring back some of the memories.

I think this is my first ever painting out in the field.  I was down at Caves Beach and as I started my watercolour these two cyclists came down chatting and shared a joint sitting on the rock I wanted to paint.  mmm – I still had some work to do to paint these fractured, folded quartzites.

A while later I went down to do this watercolour.  I sat on the rocks above the sand-line.

I wanted to capture the rounded pebbles, the jagged outcrops and Cape Point across the bay.  But as I worked I became aware that something nearby was rotting.  When I got up to leave I saw I had been sitting next to a dead seal covered by a film of sand.

I did this watercolour in my studio.  This is the high energy coastline next to Caves Beach at Kogel Bay.

This is the view up towards where I was sitting next to a dead seal, from knee deep in the bay.  Also painted in my studio.  The cliffs are full of colour and texture.