Painting watercolour out in the field is great fun

Being out there, seeing the view, dealing with the changing light and putting down the colour in whatever the weather is always a great adventure.  To complete a watercolour requires focus, economy and decision-making.  And the results have an energy that really only happens in the field.

But there is work to be done

Wrestling with colour, washes and brush work can be overwhelming.  There is some work to be done to be able enjoy the work out there.

photo of a watercolour teacher

Watercolour is simple

Washes are immediate and direct.  Colour in water flows easily, it is delightfully mobile.  This makes watercolour a fun medium.
This also gives watercolour a reputation for being difficult to use.

You can learn to work in watercolour

There are techniques you can learn and practice to turn the process of moving colour in washes into a delightful, fruitful and captivating experience.

photo of a watercolour being painted

Join the watercolour class

We will learn techniques to mix colour and water, let them run, settle and dry in ways to make the most of the unruly brilliance of watercolour.  The course will prepare participants for watercolours in the field.

This 12 Week Course  is to be run at:

Helderberg Fine Art Studios
Bizweni Campus – Somerset West
Time:  Tuesday evenings from 06:00 to 09:00
Dates:  From 07 March to 23 May.2023

For further information drop me a note from the Contact Page