“Watercolour is such an expressive medium that once you have become familiar with the variety of effects you can create with it, you will possess a language with which to describe the beauty that you find in your favourite landscapes.  These techniques, once understood and mastered, can be applied to any subject, for that is the nature of art.”  John Blockley

Watercolour is simple

Without training or experience you can produce a watercolour someone will treasure for life.  Colour in water is clean, flows easily, and washes are immediate and direct.  Watercolour is a delightful medium.

But ‘simple’ does not mean ‘easy’.

Watercolour can be frustrating. It takes skill to harness the immediacy. Weak shapes, garish colours and messy washes with scratchy brush-marks and ugly crawlers can be especially disheartening.

Watercolour, like any skill worth learning, is difficult.

But there is good news!

Watercolour responds readily to learning and practice. Each new technique you learn can make your next watercolour a little better. With some focus and intent the process can become delightful, fruitful and captivating.

Watercolour out in the field is fun

With a little practice you will be ready to enjoy painting in the field.  Weather, changing light, the sounds and smells all make each watercolour an adventure.  Managing paper, palette, brush and water can be a challenge.  But the focus, economy and speed produce results with fresh energy.

photo of a watercolour teacher

Stephen has a quiet reverence for everything: Cloud, mountain, river, boulder and sea. He brings this level of care to each student. As if our progress really matters to him. What a privilege  to experience this!


Choose your watercolour class

In ‘Kitting Up’ participants learn how to use a brush to make the most of the unruly brilliance of watercolour.

We also talk about the wide range of equipment, paper and colours. A decent box of colours in tubes may cost you R140. But you can spend R500 on a single small tube of colour. Similarly you can spend R35 on a brush. Or you can spend R6000. There are good reasons for either choice. We talk about it.

This beginners course prepares participants to join the weekly ‘Watercolour Journey’ class.

photo of a watercolour being painted

Whenever I’m painting I think WWSD – What Would Stephen Do?  I don’t think you know what a huge impact you’ve made on us all Stephen ❤


In ‘Watercolour Journey’ the class works through a curriculum of useful and stretching topics. These include colour strategy, composing a painting and techniques to interpret the world around us in watercolour. The classes include a short talk about a topic followed by a demonstration and practice.

The participants then have opportunity to work on a painting of their choice, with input from Stephen. If time allows Stephen will do a demonstration on one of the views brought by the class.

The classes are challenging but also a lot of fun.  It is after all Watercolour.  Joining the class also gives you access to an online chat group on which the class share their struggles, triumphs, and colourful stories.

How privileged and fortunate we are that Stephen shares his process. That he shows us ‘how’ before we try to emulate. I love that you share your artworks as they develop … such a gift … and we can join you in your journey to their completion.


Courses are held in Somerset West in Bizweni area.
Time for the classes to be agreed.

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