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Stephen Quirke


Categories: Light is Sweet


Stephen Quirke


In this April 2023 edition of Light is Sweet I cover:

  • The watercolour 2023 project progress.
  • A short comment on watercolour classes.
  • A revitalised posting of waterfall paintings I have done in the past.

Therefore pause…
Sit back.
Close your eyes and take a deep, breath.


Open the mail.

2023 Watercolour Project

This month I have completed another six watercolours for the 2023 project.  These are starting to look promising for use in a 2024 calendar.  What do you think?

Below you can see the next watercolour in this posting, with a link to my False Bay collection.

False Bay Watercolour

False Bay from Old Stellenbosch Road

Watercolour class

We continue to have a lot of fun in the watercolour class.  Everyone comes prepared for load-shedding and we just keep going when the power goes down.

It is also good to see some of the people venturing out to paint in the bush (en plein air my dear).  When they are not horsing around with statues.

The group is enthusiastic and they are producing some great work.

There are a few slots open in the class.  This month I am going to advertise another beginners class.  There are some basic techniques in watercolour worth acquiring at the outset.  With some practice the beginner can get a really quick leg-up.

Leave me a comment on my site or drop me an email if this would interest you.

“Light is Sweet” is the official newsletter of SJQ Watercolour.

Please drop me a comment on my blog posting to give some feedback.   And share this post with whoever you think may be interested in the topics I have covered.

I am starting to market the idea of a branded calendar to organisations who give their clients gifts at the end of the year.  The clients who gave away the 2023 calendars received positive feedback from their clients.  If you know of anyone who would be interested in this offer please pass this newsletter over to them and let me know so I can make contact with them.  Thank-you

Revitalising Memories

I have brushed up a blog posting about “waterfalls” which you can see at the link below.


This seemed a bit formal so when I received a note about a squirrel project I updated my post about the squirrel kits we raised.  Warning though – there is a sad part.

Finally, the link to the posting with photos of work from my first ever exhibition did not work in the newsletter so I am including the link here – again.

And that is it
All the best for May

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