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Stephen Quirke


Categories: Light is Sweet


Stephen Quirke


In this July 2023 edition of Light you can see:

  • Another watercolour in the 2023 False Bay project.
  • Some portrait demos for the watercolour class
  • A small adventure to The Place of No Return
  • An update to a Commissions posting on my blog

All accompanied by another piece of guitar music from Mike.

Therefore pause…
Sit back.
Close your eyes and take a deep, breath.


Read on…

2023 Watercolour Project

This is my latest painting for the 2023 project.  This is Bikini Beach in Gordon’s Bay.  I will probably do this view again or at least will touch up with some serious darks.

I was thinking about another False Bay view and realised I had no paintings of The Pipe.  Which is not good enough.  Therefore here is a view from the boardwalk at The Pipe – looking over to the Hottentots Holland above Gordon’s Bay.

You can see the collection at the link below:

Watercolour class

HWe have been working on Portraits in the class and I have been doing some demonstrations in the class and in the evening.

Watercolour of a portrait

“Light is Sweet” is the official SJQ Watercolour newsletter.

Please drop me a comment on the blog posting and share this post and email with abandon.

The 2023 False Bay project may well form the basis for a 2024 Calendar.  If you know of organisations who offer year-end gifts to their clients please let me know or show them the page about “Calendar Projects”.  And drop me a note.  The clients who gave away the 2023 calendars received positive feedback from their clients.  Thank-you

A Trip to Accra

In July my consulting work took me to Accra in Ghana.  While I was there I was able to visit Osu Castle.  Nii Okaijah who took me for a drive around the city told me there is written above a gate in the wall “The Door of No Return”.  This is just one of the slave castles on this coastline.  I did the watercolour sitting on a beautifully constructed breakwater, protecting fishing boats pulled up on the shore.

Watercolours on Commission

I have engaged the services of Hagen to tighten up how SJQ Watercolour is presented online.  As I reworked the Home page I realised I do not have a posting about commissions and have just created a first draft which I will keep updated.

watercolour of apple harvest

Well there goes July 2023

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