Well May has come and gone and my dream of posting an early May newsletter went along with it.  This, sometimes, is life.  Just plough on regardless.  Ploductivity!

In this newsletter:

  • The 2023 project.
  • Watercolour Classes
  • Gallery update.
  • New and re-organised posts.

There is also a piece from Mike the Lead Guitar to accompany your read.

Therefore pause…
Sit back.
Close your eyes and take a deep, breath.


Read on…

2023 Watercolour Project

The project this month. was a large scale watercolour (880 x 1100 mm on 300gm Arches Cold Pressed) for the False Bay project.  The photo below shows the ‘Monster Marshmallow’ phase.  You can see work in the Puddle Rock Posting.

watercolour incomplete

Watercolour class

The “Watercolour Journey” class continues. We are coming to grips with creating a watercolour using only glazes – a great way to create luminosity.

The new “Kitting-Up” class is also ready to go.  We cover the basic skills a watercolourist can use to quickly elevate their work.

“Light is Sweet” is the official SJQ Watercolour newsletter.

Please drop me a comment on the blog posting and share this post and email with abandon.

The 2023 False Bay project may well form the basis for a 2024 Calendar.  If you know of organisations who offer year-end gifts to their clients please let me know or show them the page about “Calendar Projects”.  And drop me a note.  The clients who gave away the 2023 calendars received positive feedback from their clients.  Thank-you

Tooling up my website

The SJQ Watercolour online gallery is taking shape.  All the ideas of the last few years crystalised at the end of May.  Like seeding a super-saturated solution.  Actually the seed-crystal  was a generous suggestion by Jessica Cradock, an artist coach from Colarado in the USA.  Now I am slowly posting watercolours in the “Shop” and backing these up with new or revitalised blog posts.

You can see the page by clicking the button below.  I would greatly appreciate a comment on your response to how it looks so far.

Here is a watercolour from the Tshwane Sketchbook Gallery I have just posted.

Watercolour of Pretoria

Revitalising Memories

I have brushed up three blog posts.  The information was scattered around my site and now it is better organised.  I wish I could say it was “finished and kla”. But the clean-up continues.  The topics are Lourens River, Radloff Park and a posting about Calendar Projects.

I have put a links to the postings below.

And there it is – Light is Sweet – May 2023