Week 4 2021

I have been feeling a little under the weather this week. And I have had quite a bit of admin work. Therefore I have not been out and about as much as I would have liked. These have been posted by the day on my Instagram Feed – https://www.instagram.com/sjqwatercolour/

15 January 2021 – Kei Apples

On this day I hiked up to the gorge in Helderberg Reserve to fill up my water bottles with the sparkling, sweet elixir from the spring in the forest there.

It was hot and I enjoyed my time in the cool shade next to the little stream. The cicadas were out in volume. It was idyllic.

All too soon I had to head down the hill to be out of the reserve before the early close. It is just really good to have this place open during this time of arbitrary regulations like “No Surfing” but hang out cheek-by-jowl in the Mall.


25 January 2021 – Mini Vice

I really like neat technology. And I bought this ages ago. I use this little vice to squeeze the very last blob of watercolour out of my tubes.

24 January 2021 – More Lilies

I sat down again to see if I could do justice to these beautiful plants. They are growing so fast. It was a windy day and the leaf that I focussed on to start the painting was flapping around quite a bit. And I have noticed that the leaves turn as the sun moves across the sky. Which I find interesting.

But this is an exercise in greens. Greens from yellows to blues. The human eye can perceive a greater range of greens than any other colour.

25 January 2021 – Helderberg

This is our iconic mountain. I did this painting sitting under a tree on a hot afternoon. I want to come and sit here one day when they are playing cricket here. I hated playing cricket at school but I think there is something quite arbitrary and civilised about watching a game in which I have no stake.

26 January 2021 – Saddlebags

These are the saddlebags I made for use on the BMW R60 I had rebuilt.

I still have them. They are made with a double-layer of canvas with a layer of plastic in between. The load bearing seams are piped with leather – all stitched with my awl-for-all see 10 days ago.

27 January 2021 – Concrete Knippers

These are the knippers my friend Robbie gave me almost 30 years ago when he showed me how to create the steel frame for the concrete for the koi pond I built.

These are still going strong.

28 January 2021 – Lourens River rocks

Yesterday afternoon I cycled over to Radloff Park where I found a quiet (ish) spot to sit and paint these river rocks. Well… First I had to set up a boulder to sit on. And there was little crab under the rock – so we had a chat. Then I looked up and saw a girl watching me. She asked what I was doing so I said I was creating a comfortable seat, which still seemed a little strange, so I said “where I can sit yo paint a watercolour”. Which I felt concluded the matter adequately. And so did she.
I like the interactions in the park.