Week 3 2021

I have been feeling a little under the weather this week. And I have had quite a bit of admin work. Therefore I have not been out and about as much as I would have liked. These have been posted by the day on my Instagram Feed – https://www.instagram.com/sjqwatercolour/

15 January 2021 – Kei Apples

A fruit day. Kei Apple from trimming my hedge.


16 January 2021 – Mining Lamp

This is a mining lamp used in the mines in Cambria. It was a wedding gift from Prof Colin Allen who supervised me through my Masters in Material Science.

17 January 2021 – The Awl for All

Long ago in my motorcycle days I made a leather jacket and leather boots for myself.

I bought leather from Woodheads in Cape Town. This itself was an adventure. Almost a spiritual experience. It is such a beautiful material. Even now my work space is covered with a large piece of leather I bought then.
But – back to the point. I knew nothing about leather work but bought “The Awl for All” which included a leaflet on how to stitch.
And I was away…

18 January 2021 – water lilies

These lillies grow in a concrete tank in my swimming pool which, 7 years after the flood, still houses hundreds of small fish brought down by the river. In fact there is a little malachite kingfisher that come past every now and again and dives out a few fish.

The lilies make great topics for watercolours.

19 January 2021 – Karrimor sac

My old karrimor rucsac. Companion kit on many walks. Now all the zips are blown out.
But it is still really comfy to carry. But stuff falls out too easily and this is how my camera was stolen. Also I was using this to carry my gear when I went to see clients and Aura told me I need to look more professional. So I got a new smart pack.
My floppy also wanted to be in watercolour.

20 January 2021 – Kei Apples

Dovyalis Caffra is an idigenous tree that makes beautiful hedges. Through the summer they produce these yellow berries that have a lovely tart flavour.

They also make great subject for watercolours. AND they give my studio a lovely sweet smell.

21 January 2021 – Sophie the Woaf

My little dog Sophie, the classic foster fail. She likes to come and snooze on the floor of my studio while I work.