Yesterday I spent time at the Lourens River in Radloff Park. My intention was to sit and paint some of the scenes I have been looking over for the greatest length of time.
Actually I wanted to do a painting of the Helderberg. However it was overcast so I found a place to paint the view of the river and the trees on the other side of the river.

Here is the first one:

Lourens River in Radloff Park – Watercolour on 300gm Arches Cold pressed – 25 x 22
Radloff Park #37

It was just so nice to sit listening to the river and the birds singing. There was a cold wind blowing so sitting below the level of the top of the bank was a smart move.

Here is the second painting I painted 20m upstream from the first. There is a stump a large tree felled on the outside curve of a tight S-bend in the river. I sat just below the bank surrounded by long kikuyu and nasturtiums. It was pleasant. Here is the painting I did:

Stump on Lourens River – Watercolour on 300gm Arches Cold pressed – 25 x 22 cm
Radloff Park #38

I then painted a quick sketch of the stump again.

Stump on Lourens River – Watercolour on 300gm Arches Cold pressed – 25 x 18cm
Radloff Park #39

By now I was feeling the need for a hot beverage – next time I will most decidedly take the rocket and the makings for a cup of cocoa. But I pressed on. Actually my aim was to paint a sketch of the Helderberg itself – but I decided to take some time in the warm sun that shone for a couple of hours to start a painting of Norman’s Rapid – now without the log that had been stuck there for a few years. Everytime I walk on the beach at the mouth of the Lourens River I keep an eye out for this log – I am sure it will pitch up down there some time.

Here is the starter painting – well – some of it. It does not fit into my scanner. When I finish I will create a more careful copy for posting.

I will be posting these images on my gallery for sale.

All to soon it was type to pack up and cycle home. This was a well spent morning. I also chatted with some people I had never met before and my good friend Albert who was walking past with his dog. This is generally a friendly place to be – people are just nice – ‘oor die algemeen’ as they say here.

We are very very spoilt to have this beautiful place in the middle of our town. And this post is dedicated to the volunteers in The Friends of Radloff Park who work to keep the place in order.