Here is a watercolour I posted in 2008.  This near the boardwalk to The Pipe.

I have been reading Charles Reid again – The Natural Way to Paint and his latest book on Watercolour solutions.  He has such a vibrant way of portraying scenes on site.  This is definitely worth working towards.  And his figures are so alive.  this will need lots of practice.  Yesterday I did my scene at Strand Beach again.  It also got messy towards the end.  The day was very hot, I must get a good umbrella.  I photographed a couple and offered to put paintings of them on the this site.  Here is my first attempt – I will put the final product on my gallery page – in fact I will create a page for this type of work.

Couple at the Pipe in Strand

OK – I have just read Charles’ approach again in “Watercolor solutions” and am following his instructions.  It is interesting, he suggests doing the darks first to get the value range right.  So I have redrawn the picture and have done the darks.  Now I am going to have a quick swim then return to do more.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Cecily in CJs Coffee shop for introducing me to Gypsey Music (Putamayo – Gypsey Groove – really cool stuff).

So here is painting so far…


Ok this is starting with the figure in the foreground.  I think I have got into trouble with the hair – too much detail and I still have to do the sea


Now I have done the chap – OK so far.  Those Gypsies…


And now I have put in the background – the sea worked OK around the woman’s head.  Now I am listening to the Stones…


OK  here is the final product.  I may touch it up a little tomorrow but my son is pushing to go down to the beach for a last surf on this beautiful, hot summer day.

Leaving Pipe Beach

Leaving Pipe Beach