Here is a painting I did of Calvin going off on his skateboard to meet his mates for a surf.


It is OK except I the palm-tree is a bit bland.  I like this posture, it reflects his self-confidence and coolness.

I was not happy with the first one and did this one:


I was getting better at capturing details.  Charles Reid paints with well directed but free swatches of colour and I felt I got this approach here.

2022:  I was pleased with these paintings.  In the first one I like how I captured his posture on the board.  And in the second I preferred how I captured the colour of the board-bag and the the tree.

These were the days when Calvin would drag me out of work-mode to head to the beach.  We used to park in Cooke Street at the beach.  We would laugh and say “Kuke” street.  Round here a “kuke” is newbie surfer who messes up a lot.  I think the term may be used around the world.