I am busy doing a second painting of the Mvuu Bus watercolour.  I started last night, with a line drawing and this morning put on in a wash for the sky and the river, taking K’s suggestion into account to put some more colour in the water.  So here is the sketch with the first wash.  The water and the sky is really full of colour and I have tried to capture that here.


I have also drawn the men in the boat in more detail to try to capture the patches of light on their faces.  We are so fortunate being able to work from photos.  Apparently Turner used to spend hours and hours watching water and making notes.

After the first wash I went surfing with the family and returned to continue the painting.  The pipe was a bit flat when we arrived but as the tide started pushing we had some really great waves.  Here is the next part of the picture.  I painted the far bank and then painted the forest in the middle distance.  Iwas starting the bush behind the boat when I felt it was time to take a break.


I am listening to the music of The Stranglers – Golden Brown – such cool music – but what is that name all about?

I am ready to do the boat and the guys – here is the detail so far:


And here are all the guys sitting in the boat.  This was quite a mission.


And here is the middle-ground bush and some foreground grasses.  This is a very green painting again, but it is Malawi in the rainy season.  I like the way the water behind the boat worked.


OK – so this is how it looks now – … –


I see the chap with the blue floppy-hat next to the chap with the red shirt is carrying a rifle.  The river is full of crocodiles and hippo and there are buffalo and elephants in the park.

mmmm – the boat looks a little weak and the colour in the river needs to be brought out some more.  Maybe it is time to sleep on it and varnish in the morning.   I couldnt resist it and put some more colour in the boat – now NO MORE FIDDLING!!!  The trees are really dark – Lots of colour.  I don’t think about it too much, but at 100 bucks a tube of W&N artist watercolour it gets quite pricey.

Well this has been a good day of painting.  And I am listening to Olga Kern play Chopin.  She is playing  Chopin’s Fantasie-Impromptu Op.66  which my mother used to play often, when I was a kid, on the baby-grand downstairs as I lay in bed to dozing off – a good memory.

OK – here is my last word on this version of the chaps heading home in their river transport.


I have this urge to do all the guys in the boat again – alla prima.  I have just looked at Charles Reid’s watercolours of people.  Ai! lots of life and zip-zapping colours.  But this is OK for now.