This is a painting of an outcrop of rock in the nature reserve in which I have been working this week.

From time to time I have the opportunity to work with clients in the most amazing places.  This last week I did some work in the conference centre at Tau Lodge in Madikwe Nature Reserve Just South the Botswana border.

Check what we watched just outside the camp fence at lunch time:


I had a short time to paint this morning before the workshop started and our team ranger Kelly kindly took me out in her cruiser.  The others went out tracking a leopard and following a small pack of African Wild dogs.   These beautiful animals are also ferocious killers and I was much happier sitting painting and listening to the birds rather than possibly witnessing this.  Every night a little bush-buck slept outside of my cottage.  Kelly told us that sometimes the wild dogs come through the camp and catch all the little buck hiding there.  I find this quite upsetting.  Africa is a tough place.   Anyway I gave the painting to Kelly for so graciously agreeing to take me out on two mornings.

Here is the bushbuck.  They look very gentle but apparently they are ferocious fighters when cornered.  Africa is land full of surprises:


Here is the painting I did on the first morning outing.  The sun was rising over the the koppie behind me and the long streaks of grew were shortening – till all of a sudden they were gone and it was day.  I had not quite settled down with this.


and the second from the dam-wall at Clou Dam – this was better – though I was starting to think about getting back to start teh workshop for the day.


This morning I did this painting also from the dam-wall at Clou dam.  Just after this we saw a Brown Hyena which I had never seen before – sort of like an old man with an ill-fitting shaggy coat.


the veld is very dry and everyone is wondering when the rain will start.  All the bushes are just grey and the yellow grass in the morning light is very beautiful.  While I was painting this I heard the other guides talking abuot thAnd then  I started this painting of Clou Dam


before the elephants disturbed play


All of these paintings are on 300gm Bockingford and each one is 290x380mm