Watercolour has always been the medium for sketching out there in the field.
And this is by far the best way to appreciate creation.

Working on site you can watch the light change.
You can feel the breeze, or the rain or the blazing sun.
You can smell all the aromas in your surroundings.
You can hear the natural sounds.

Your work will reflect the weather conditions of the hour.
Some of my favourite watercolours have speckles from raindrops or patterns where the first wash froze on the page.  Sometimes it is a bit much.  I have watched my work fluttering out over Hout Bay on a gust of South Easter.  Once while painting a watercolour atVictoria Falls the wind changed suddenly and the spray from the falls drenched me and washed all of my work off the page.

Painting on site really is the best.

photo of a man painting in watercolour

Some preparation will help your cause.  Sure, there is equipment that can make life easier.  And of course your skill in watercolour is important.  But more than all of this, there is a mindset that can make all the difference.   I would love to share my insights with you – As we work in the field.

Come and take part in this beautiful tradition.
Join me at Radloff Park for a watercolour class in “the field”

Where:  Radloff Park – Somerset West

Date:  Saturday 11 September 2021

Time:  09:00 – 12:00

Fee:  R500.00 per person

A Suggested Agenda

  • I will talk briefly about painting watercolours in the field.
  • I will do demo of how I work
  • Then you will have an opportunity to paint your own watercolours.
    While you are working I will come around to talk about your experience
  • We will break for coffee or tea at 10:30
  • Then at 11:45 we will get together for a brief show of work and closing comments.
  • We will be finished at 12:00
Watercolour of Helderberg from the Duck Pond

Here is what you will need:

  • A comfortable camp chair or something to sit on.
  • Your watercolour kit
    If you do not have brushes and paints let me know and I can order a start up kit for you.
  • The paper you would like to use
    I will bring a supply of watercolour paper you can purchase
  • An easel or a board on which to work
  • A hat and warm clothes.

Please give me a send me an email from this site or call me if you would like to hear more about the day.

I look forward to seeing you there