High Resolution Inkjet (Giclée) prints are the ideal solution for fine art reproduction. 

I intend to create fine art watercolour.  This means I put everything I can into the planning, composition and execution of each watercolour.  This means I work to resolve the tension between “creating the best work in history of mankind” (Warren Louw) and embracing “A thing worth doing is worth doing – yes – badly” (Stuart Briscoe).  This means walking the narrow path between loose watercolours and an awkward mess, between tight, well placed detail and stiff, over-controlled, rigid work. 

Further, I want to make the images accessible.  Therefore I take great care to create the best possible digital images of each work.  I then have High Resolution prints created from digital images.
These High Resolution prints are created through the most advanced ink jet technology.

The micro-precision print head achieves unprecedented resolution.
The latest generation ink technology, using between 9 and 11 pigments (rather than dyes) achieves the widest ever colour spectrum.
The 100% cotton, sized fine art paper produces prints of exceptional quality.
The overall result is an archival print of exceptional quality

The work is printed on 100% cotton, 300gm Hahnemühle Matt Fineart paper.

Crisp details, brighter, long-lasting colour and archival paper provides you with an enduring reproduction of my work.
In fact it is very hard to tell the difference between the original and the print.

The number of High Resolution Inkjet (Giclée) prints for works up to 2021 is limited to 20 editions for each original watercolour.  For the watercolours I created in 2022 I have limited the number of signed prints to 12 copies. 

Each copy is signed, numbered and stamped with the SJQ Watercolour logo and embossing seal.

watercolour painting of Helderberg

This is an example of a giclée print with embossing stamp on the left, the number of the limited edition, the name of the image, my signature and my black and red stamp.  The significance of the stamps is described in my “About” page on my website